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Experienced in various films such as 3M, Avery, Hexis, and different styles of material from gloss, matte, color flip, and chrome wraps

Taking the time to learn the films characteristics before starting every new job give us the advantage to ensure a good job is done, what works and what doesn’t, researching industry leaders techniques, and implemented the tricks they use to help us execute a professional finish.

Wrapped By Vinyl Picasso
Wrapped By Vinyl Picasso

As we all know wraps can’t be close as paint but they can beautifully layer to give the look of a high definition paint job while protecting your cars exterior, there is thousands of color variations and finishes in the wrap world today to choose from while each one serves its same purpose to keep your vehicle protected and styled for years to come.

 We plan to keep serving the Permian basin with the best we can provide, hope to see you on the road soon in a brand new wrap.

What We Offer

The Premier Auto Detailing Specialist

Full Body Vinyl Wrap
Partial Body Vinyl Wrap
PPF Color Vinyl Wrap
Racing Stripes
Chrome Delete
Ceramic Coating


Wrap Topics

  • How long does a wrap last?
  • Is the wrap scratch proof?
  • Can I take my wrapped vehicle through an automatic car wash?
  • Will a wrap peel my paint after removal?
  • My cars clear coat is peeling would that affect the wrap?
  • What is required to book an appointment for a full body wrap?
  • How much is a vinyl wrap?
  • Can I protect my wrap?

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To celebrate our new shop location we will have a ceramic coating special until the end of summer.

15% off

Ceramic coatings for all regular vinyl wraps

30% off

Ceramic coatings for all chrome wraps

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